Available Danes

Thank you for your interest in rescue and in one of our dogs.

At this moment, One Dane at a Time has over 100 Danes available for adoption. All are wonderful, deserving dogs in need of a home… not ALL will be a match for your home. Therefore, in an effort to create the BEST match for an applicant, we have taken all pictures of “Adoptables” off our site. We are hoping this will ensure that applications will get filled out thoroughly and honestly so a proper “match” can be made. We were finding that, often, applicants were just “going through the motions” of filling out an application for a specific dog and, once interviewed, said applicant was not a fit for the particular dog being applied for, but also not open to other Danes in need that were suitable, only based on a picture of a dog they wanted and nothing else. We believe that in order for adoptions to truly “stick,” applicants must be matched to dogs on many other levels of suitability aside from looks.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to helping you find your next 4-legged family member.

Princess - One Dane at a Time